Photos - Old Paint Mill Social Hall, Jersey Shore Pa

The Old Paint Mill Social Hall is located on Route 44, approximately  ?2.2 miles south the intersection of Route 44 and Main Street in Jersey Shore (at the traffic light, where Rt 44 goes off to the left over the green bridge).


Photo 1 - The Old Paint Mill sits on the right side of Route 44, as you approach it traveling south from Jersey Shore.  Apparently this place actually was a paint factory at one time.
 Photo 2 - A closer view from the same angle.

Photo 3 - The Old Paint Mill sits on the left side of Rt. 44, if you approach it traveling north - as seen from this angle.

Photo 4 - A closer view from the same angle.  The entrance door is behind the white car.

Photo 5 - Here's the interior, not far inside the entrance door. 

 Photo 6 - The dance floor.  There is additional seating on the 2nd level.

 Photo 7 - Dance floor.

 Photo 8 - Dance floor.

Photo 9 - Dance floor - looking at it from the OTHER end (south end).

 Photo 10 - Dance floor

Photo 11 - Dance floor
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